LDL has extensive experience advising clients on healthcare and tax legal matters, including, without limitation, managed care, medical staff issues, issues of fraud and abuse, compliance matters, and specialized litigation, including regulatory, fraud and abuse, and qui tam matters.

Business Law

LDL Firm’s Business practice handles an extensive range of matters ranging from employee contracts to business formations to leasing. We’re here to help you decide if you want to start a business, and we are by your side to assist with business counseling.

Business law encompasses all aspects of doing business. It governs everything from starting a business, licensing, compliance with federal and state laws, contracts, regulations, operations, etc. It applies to companies and individuals involved in commerce.

Business counseling

Business transaction and structuring law

Mergers and acquisitions

Shareholder disputes

Creation of business entities

Shareholder and member agreements

Representation of business in regulatory and government matters

Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements

Business formations

Risk management issues

Due diligence services

Business succession planning

Buy/sell agreements

Joint ventures divestitures

Independent contractor agreements

Drafting vendor agreements

Drafting professional services agreements

S Corporations

Corporation compliance

Negotiate Complex Contracts

Developing Policies & Procedures

Tax Law

 LDL Firm takes a strategic approach to meeting clients’ federal, state, and local taxation needs.

Tax law covers all the federal, state, and local rules, policies and laws that govern businesses and individuals.  Tax codes are constantly in flux  and staying compliant is complex.

Representation of non-profit entities

Tax strategies

Administrative appeals

Healthcare Law

LDL Firm is here to help you navigate the healthcare industry's complex world. While specializing in healthcare law, LDL Firm strives to be by your side with a personalized approach to handling issues ranging from healthcare providers to regulatory disputes.

Healthcare is one of the most heavily regulated industries in the United States. Healthcare law involves negotiating all regulations on behalf of healthcare professionals and entities. 

Advises Health Care Clients with Specialized Litigation (Including: Regulatory, Fraud and Abuse and Qui Tam Matters)

Provide legal advice with full risk and fee for service provider contracting in managed care

Provide advice on physician self-referral statutes and kickback statutes

Medicare and Medicaid and other third-party reimbursement

HIPPA and healthcare privacy

Healthcare fraud and abuse

Hospital based systems

Managed care disputes

Healthcare litigation (regulatory and federal)



Electronic medical records

Prescription drug companies

Regulatory matters

Advising physician groups and organizations

Hospital contracting

Due diligence services

Licensure issues

Administrative appeals

Peer review credentialing and proceedings

Independent contractor agreements

Drafting vendor agreements

Drafting professional services agreements

Medical equipment leases

Provider operations counseling

Managed Care Contracting

Medical Staff Issues

Fraud Matters and Abuse Matters

Physician Contracting Arrangements

Health Care Fraud Investigations

Risk Management issues


Medicare & Medicaid Reimbursement

Limited Liability Companies

Healthcare Regulatory Analysis/Implementation

Federal, State and Administrative Health Law Litigation Cases

Formation of Integrated Delivery Systems

Qui Tam Cases

Whistleblower Cases

State & Federal Regulatory Compliance

Conditions of Participation

Health Care Business Transactions

Contract Drafting & Review


Medical Records

End of Life/Health Care Decision Making

Compliance & Regulatory Law

In the evolving regulatory and compliance landscape, LDL Firm understands that these matters can be complex, and we are fully equipped to assist clients on these matters.

Businesses must follow all Federal, State, and local regulations, requirements, and laws.  By being compliant, businesses protect their resources and reputations.

Tax Compliance & Audit Assistance

LDL Firm assists taxpayers in understanding their responsibility under tax law, and we are here to counsel clients to maintain compliance.

Estate Planning, Asset Preservation & Probate

LDL Firm understands that approaching estate and asset matters can be complex and emotional. We are here to bring clarity to every component of this process.

Estate Planning and Asset Protection help you keep what's yours in unforeseen circumstances. Probate is the process of validating a will, paying debts and transferring assets per  instructions provided in  the will.

Estate planning (trusts, estates, wills)

Wealth transaction planning

Probate services

Family Business succession planning

Asset preservation planning

Estate Tax Liability

Family Limited Partnerships


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